Hey - I think I heard your station yesterday morning.... the program was a rebroadcast of a repeat (bummer about the cutbacks) of an apparent summer replacement show called "Snowy Nights and Days", and it started at 0945. Reception was bad, perhaps because it was nearly the same frequency as the BCN repeater on the Funks, so I didn't hear a station ID. Do I get a QSL card anyway?

Tom Heemskerk, Victoria BC (Canada)


Hello & greetings Mr. coming from faraway Heemskerk!

Pleased to receive from you special email. Am very glad to hear you listen & enjoy to our show. Hope for you someday to visit to our beautiful island and meet our lovely bikini warehouse customer representatives and other especial cultural peoples!

To mail you QSL card as you like to have would be to cost us much too much dineros, so please to make with computer printer & evacuate your own copy from here.

All best wishes & see you in our world-renowned studios coming very soon now.

Lard Gitterman, RFHI Station Master